The Better Way to Bleed

Brakes and Hydraulic Clutches






Here is what industry experts have to say about the EZE Bleeder!



"The damn thing works!"


Smokey Yunick

Former Staff Writer, Circle Track

Former Owner, Smokey's Inc ., Daytona, Florida





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You can read the full article by clicking here








"The EZE Bleeder is a fine product that fills a niche in the brake and hydraulic  service industry. It is not only simple to use on brakes but has been especially  helpful in removing air from Uni-cylinder hydraulic clutch mechanisms on Ford light and medium clutch systems. We were able to trim one hour from the service time that it had been taking to rid these vehicles of air lock chacracteristics."


Robert J. Leone

Tech Editor, Brake and Front End Magazine

Owner and Operator, Leone's Service Center, Trinidad, Colorado




"After using your product to bleed the brakes on my Skylaunch System they now feel like they're brand new"


Charles W. Fontenot

Owner, Texas Paragliding, Houston, Texas



"A total all-around needed tool for both disc and drum brakes on early and late model Harley Davidsons."


Gary Garewski

Owner and Operator, Connecticut Custom Cycle, Plainville, Connecticut



"Many of our customers had difficulty bleeding the four piston, four caliper Corvette braking system. We are now selling the EZE Bleeder to solve this problem."


Alan Gonzalez

Purchasing Agent, Vette Brakes, Inc., St. Petersberg, Florida



"We use EZE Bleeder to demonsrate a simple method to bleed the anti-lock brake systems."



Dan Fuller

Automotive Instructor, Tarrytown, New York