The Better Way to Bleed

Brakes and Hydraulic Clutches






History of the  EZE Bleeder and its inventors


The EZE Bleeder was originally developed by Jim Ennis in the mid-80s. At the time Jim worked in the medical field which is where he first got the idea of repurposing a hypodermic needle to force air into brake systems and hydraulic clutches in order to bleed them. Together with his business partner, Joe Ruggiero , who has spent his entire life in various aspects of the automotive industry, Jim first introduced the EZE Bleeder in 1989 at which time it received enormous praise and endorsements from all corners of the industry, including the late racing icon Smokey Yunick as well as many of the top experts in the automotive field.


In recent years, Joe Ruggiero has taken up the promotion and marketing efforts for the EZE Bleeder and has often been quoted as saying " I have always been fascinated by the simplicity of the EZE Bleeder and wonder why no one had ever thought of it until Jim Ennis!"